Genetic Health provides specialized Forensic Consulting services, with a focus on addressing challenges related to clandestine and unmarked graves.

Clandestine Graves and Unmarked Graves

Within the realm of Forensic Consulting, Genetic Health navigates the complexities associated with clandestine and unmarked graves, contributing to the resolution of forensic investigations in challenging scenarios.

Low Copy Highly Degraded DNA

The organization’s expertise extends to managing cases involving low-copy highly degraded DNA, showcasing a commitment to tackling the difficulties associated with deteriorated genetic material in forensic analysis.

Complex Case Management

Genetic Health excels in complex case management within the forensic context, demonstrating a comprehensive and strategic approach to resolving intricate forensic cases, including those involving challenging burial sites.

Interdisciplinary Case Management

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of forensic investigations, Genetic Health employs interdisciplinary case management, bringing together a diverse range of experts to address various aspects of forensic challenges, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach.

Cemetery Surveys

In partnership with other organizations, Genetic Health plays a role in cemetery surveys, historical mass graves and restoration projects, contributing to the preservation and understanding of heritage.

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