is a pioneer in DNA recovery, analysis and storage. Learn More Genetic Health is a pioneer in DNA recovery, analysis and storage. Learn More Genetic Health


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Genetic Health is a pioneer in DNA recovery, analysis and storage. As DNA investigators Genetic Health is at the forefront of the science of DNA preservation and recovery. As a company, Genetic Health continues to build and strengthen our expertise in the biotechnology industry with a strong commitment to advancing scientific insight into new areas of DNA applications such as prenatal, lifestyle and preventative medicine.

Genetic Health also offers training and consulting to police, medical professionals, industry and government agencies as well as sample procurement and design services.

DNA Banking

DNA can be stored on site or at home with several options for clients

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Genetic Testing

Genetic Health can provide a full range of Genetic Testing options either in house or through the Global Genetic Health Network

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Sample Acquisition

Researchers can tap into Genetic Health’s large network of providers including post mortem, museum and preserved …

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DNA Research and Product Development

Genetic Health helps companies and individuals develop innovative solutions with DNA

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DNA Research

Genetic Health can help researchers, institutions, organizations and government agencies to develop , design and implement best practices for a DNA Banking program.

Global Genetic Health Network

The Genetic Health Network is our partnership with many organizations around the globe. Non profits, genetic testing facilities, disease foundations, researchers, universities and all individuals working together.

This allows everyone to leverage expertise, resources and facilities to the best client outcomes.

If you are interested in having your organization join, please contact for more information.

DNA donations equal faster cures

Thousands of studies are delayed or cancelled due to lack of donors every year. That means treatments and cures for diseases remain undiscovered. Your donation can help to double the pace of genetic research, saving or improving millions of lives.