Genetic Health is at the forefront of DNA Banking. DNA can be stored on site or at home with several options for clients. Genetic Health runs the brands DNA memorial and Lazarus DNA which provide DNA Banking services to the funeral industry worldwide.

Home Banking

DNA home banking provides individuals with the convenience of securely storing their genetic material from the comfort of their homes. This service allows people to collect and preserve their DNA samples, usually through saliva or cheek swabs, for future use in genetic testing or analysis. With the growing interest in personal genomics, home DNA banking offers a user-friendly and accessible way for individuals to explore their genetic information, enabling insights into ancestry, health traits, and potential predispositions. The stored samples can be utilized for various genetic testing services, contributing to a deeper understanding of one’s genetic makeup without the need for a visit to a medical facility.

Secure Banking

Secure facility DNA banking ensures the confidential and protected storage of genetic material in controlled environments designed to meet rigorous security standards. This service places a strong emphasis on safeguarding the privacy and integrity of individuals’ genetic information by employing advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access or breaches. The use of secure facilities provides a controlled and monitored environment for the storage of DNA samples, instilling confidence in clients that their genetic data is stored with the highest level of security. This secure environment is crucial for protecting sensitive information related to individuals’ health and ancestry, making it an essential aspect of responsible genetic data management. Clients can trust that their DNA samples are stored in a tightly regulated setting, ensuring the confidentiality and reliability of the genetic material for future use in genetic testing or other applications.

DNA donations equal faster cures

Thousands of studies are delayed or canceled due to lack of donors every year. That means treatments and cures for diseases remain undiscovered. Your donation can help to double the pace of genetic research, saving or improving millions of lives.